At Nexus we know IT issues can be prevented; all of our support customers benefit from 24×7 monitoring to identify potential risks that interrupt business. We offer three tiers of support and customize each of our agreements to meet specific business goals. Our most popular tiers, Premier and Standard include the addition of VCIO services to help provide peace of mind for all your IT needs while planning for future requirements.

Customers benefit from our structure by having a highly skilled IT engineer available at any time. Nexus is comprised of only mid to senior level engineering staff, if you have an issue you won’t have to sit on hold and wait as a help desk analyst struggles to resolve your issue. Each time you contact our support you will be connected with an experienced engineer who will identify your problem and work directly to resolve it efficiently so you are able to focus on your business.


Our Premier support plan offers unlimited 24×7 support for clients who operate beyond the traditional 9-5. This offering includes proactive monitoring for all business critical infrastructure, a dedicated VCIO as well as everything included in the lower level support tiers. The Premier plan provides complete peace of mind for the more complex industries or those who need confidence that their infrastructure is always available.


Standard support offers resources when you need it without the additional expense of 24×7. Support is available from 8AM- 5PM with each organization allocated a block of hours included per month. Our standard plan includes features that every business needs to remain secure and efficient and is perfect for those organizations who operate on a typical office schedule.


Essential support covers just that, the items that are critical to your business function. We proactively monitor all business critical components and are alerted to any issues. Support is available as needed to address to any interruptions to your business. Perfect for businesses on a tight budget that do not want to be left vulnerable to extensive outages.


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