Virtual Chief Information Officers

Our VCIOs work directly with your business as a dedicated resource and extension of your leadership team. Committed to working with every aspect of your business to help identify potential risks, cost savings and improved efficiencies a VCIO can be a competitive advantage for small to medium businesses to promote growth.

In addition to the technical understanding and business efficiencies gained, our VCIOs work with your finance team to calculate the current expenditures or your organization and determine if all services and costs are required. We also work to create a multi-year budget plan for all aspects of your IT needs making planning and projecting expenses convenient and easy.

Like many of our agreements our VCIO service starts with an IT assessment. This all encompassing review aims to understand how each aspect of your business utilizes technology and identifies risks within the existing workflow.

During the assessment we also perform a budget analysis to help understand how funds are being spend on technology. At the end of the assessment we gather our findings and present them to your board or executive committee along with our recommendations. With a clear path to success we work with your company and vendors to implement these changes and once implemented we verify they are meeting or exceeding the desired outcome.

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